Getting Started with Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning 101

What are the Standards and Regulations that govern Emergency Planning in Australia?

Each state has different requirements when it comes to the emergency planning obligations of building owners, managers and occupiers. Broadly, however, the Regulations and Standards are the following:

  • Australian Standard 3745 – 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities;
  • Australian Standard 4083 – 2010 Planning for emergencies in Health Care Facilities;
  • Australian Standard 1851 – 2012 Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment;
  • Other Australian Standards that deal with specific requirements
  • State Workplace Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice
  • State Fire Safety Regulations (such as the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008)
  • State Fire and Rescue / Fire Brigade acts
  • Building Codes of Australia

More information on when to undertake activities can be found under the requirements for each role.

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